Discover Java Like Never Before

Watching sunrise in the valley of active volcanoes from the top of the mountain and walking along volcano ashes. Just get this experience with us.

Bromo Mountain Crater

Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park is located in East Java. It’s a very popular tourist place. Typically, trips start at night to see the sunrise on the top of a mountain overlooking the valley of volcanoes. Our trip was not an exception.

We woke up at 2 am in the Chemorolawang (Cemoro Lawang) village, got into a local jeep and went to the observation platform of Mount Penanjakan. The road took about 40 minutes and passed through the picturesque and quite steep serpentine. Jeep arrived almost to the site. We only needed to walk up a little bit (an average of about one kilometer, but it depends on the place where the jeep stopped). For your convenience you can take a motorbike on the road, there are a lot of offers all along the road. But the road is so narrow, that it could be faster to walk to the place, especially if it’s very crowded.

Views from the observation deck on Mount Penanjakan are breathtaking. The rising sun colors the valley first in blue, and then in gold. From the top you can see the entire 16-kilometer Tengger Caldera: Bromo and Batok volcanoes on the foreground and majestic Semeru on the background. Clouds shrouded the valley are gradually fading, smoke coming from the depths of Bromo and Semeru rare clubs become clearly visible. Magnificent picture of the valley of volcanoes exactly as on pics, even better.

After sunrise we got some tea and coffee in the nearest warung and went to an another platform of the same mountain. There were no people, so we were able to enjoy the views while the rest of tourists climbing on Bromo. Colours of the valley during the day time are not worse. Of course, there is no magic sensations of feeling a birth of a new day and of changing colors of the sky. But clouds are finally gone and we could see all the details.

Way to Bromo

In order to climb Bromo, you must first go to the bottom of the Tengger Caldera. Jeeps park in a row just. There may be a lot of cars on the parking, so I advise you to remember a color, a number plate and an approximate location of your car to be able to find it later.

Then you walk along the sand and ash to the volcano. There is a dead zone around – a the desert born of fire and smoke. Sand dunes look like waves, that’s why the caldera called the Sand Sea.

Suddenly in the middle of sands you can see a Hindu temple (Pura Luhur Poten Bromo). Hindu temple in the middle of the Muslim island? Actually indigenous inhabitants of Tenger highlands, Tenggerese, are Hindus. They believe that volcanoes are the entrances to the underworld. Every year Tenggerese hold a Kasado ceremony. During this ceremony they cajole volcanoes, all participants walk along the edge of the crater and throw offerings into the funnel of the volcano.

The road to the foot of Bromo take up to 30 minutes. You can rent a horse to move faster ($ 6-10). Don’t worry if you have never rode a horse. Usually tourist don’t ride, they just sit on a horse, and a horseman lead it. But when I had seen this huge field around, I dreamt about gallop riding when there is nobody around .

On the Top of Bromo Volcano

At the top of Bromo you can walk on the edge of the crater, look at Sand Sea from the heights and make traditional selfie. But be careful with the selfie. They say that there were cases when people fell down into the crater, and no one tried to take them out.

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